Phalanx can serve any type of business

Phalanx works with vendors to get more of their customers the equipment they need. Whether leasing, financing, or a working capital loan is required we can help put the deal together.

Phalanx also provides insight into Merchant Cash Advances and receivables factoring. We even have lendors for commercial real estate.

Phalanx helps a variety of businesses, here are some examples:


This would include fitness and sporting goods. Gyms, yoga, boxing centers, and smaller sporting goods stores, hunting and fishing would be the main markets. These firms need equipment and working capital loans for daily operation and inventory.


Phalanx has access to start up funds and growth funding for franchises. Equipment needs can also be addressed as well as real estate funding. Used equipment can also be funded.

Food Trucks

New or used trucks can be funded. Reconditioning for trucks and repairs can be funded. 1st truck or additional trucks. Funds for working capital or needed equipment can be financed.


All types of recycling markets: Metals, electronics, waste. New or used equipment or working capital loans are available. Items such as forklifts, balers and shredders are just some of the items we can finance.

Industrial laser

New or used equipment and working capital and receivable loans. Lasers for etching, cutting, marking and industrial and commercial uses.


Trucks or cars (fleets). New or used equipment for collision or mechanical repair can be financed. Includes frame machines, paint booths, diagnostic equipment and any other automotive equipment needs. Asset based lending (sell your equipment to the lessor and then lease it back in order to free up needed cash) is available.

Strategic Consulting Services

As an owner you make the final call. Experience is always helpful when you need to make tough decisions. Phalanx helps you explore options and alternatives that move your business in a decisive direction.

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