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Phalanx helps businesses that are short on cash, have weak or even poor credit, have no real relationship with a bank or who have good credit but want greater financial flexibility. Phalanx provides equipment leasing/finance, working capital loans, receivables financing, and strategic consulting. Phalanx puts the focus on your needs.

Everything Phalanx does is centered around helping you make the best decisions.

Phalanx has 35 years of working with financial companies and a Masters in finance can come in very handy in helping you. You can use our experience because we have sold and purchased businesses in small and multi-million dollar deals, financed inventories, real estate, and equipment. We have had to meet payroll, manage multiple locations, pay the mortgage, and yes, even close a business. Our companies have given years of quality service to our clients. We know what it is to enjoy success and have to confront failure. This experience and knowledge are there to assist you in choosing the right options for your business.

Strategic consulting from Phalanx helps you, the owner/manager with difficult decisions. Our input is based on extensive experience and can help you make a more effective decision. Experience is key in helping you, the business owner. Phalanx can give you a wealth of knowledge to draw on. Experience and input in growing, selling underperforming segments, or even an outright sale is available. Phalanx helps you explore options and alternatives.

Business Discussion Talking Deal Concept


We supply equipment leasing and finance services along with working capital loans,receivables factoring and strategic consulting. Strategic consulting is helping a firm acquire equipment or additional locations.

The problems a client may have are a shortage of cash and possibly a weak credit score and no real relationship with a bank that can be relied upon.

Business Discussion Talking Deal Concept

They may also question how the business can grow with more erquipment of locations.

What makes me different is my education (MBA),experience 35 years in equipment leasing and finance. I have actually leased and purchased equipment and owned my own leasing company. I understand what owners go through. I have worked with finance companies extensively.


Phalanx works with and helps provide solutions to all types of small and medium size businesses.

The typical amount financed is $1000.00.

Phalanx provides personalized and customized service for a solution to your needs.

With the proper information submitted many loans are approved within 72 hours and a qualification received in less than 24 hours, some even faster.

Yes, we work with vendors to expedite their deliveries and help their customers. We are there to help both buyer and seller.

Depending on credit we may need several years of tax returns or just identification for you and your business.

Most businesses need a solution that is flexible. A low rate may require too many restrictions that inhibit how your business functions. Paying a bit more may result in greater flexibility and more opportunity for you.

Flexibility. A business can purchase the equipment at the end of the lease or just return it and get something new.

A simple phone call to Phalanx so we can begin to understand your needs.



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