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Phalanx Holdings has 35 years of working with financial companies and our founder, Michael, has a Masters in finance that he puts to work for you.  You can use our experience to help guide you because we’ve been in your shoes.  We have sold and purchased businesses both large and small.  We also dealt with the challenges of financing inventory, real estate, and equipment.

We had to meet payroll, manage multiple locations, pay the mortgage, and close businesses.  Our company has given years of quality service to our clients. We know what it is to enjoy success and we had to confront our failures.  These experiences and our knowledge are there to assist you in choosing the best options for your business.

Who We Are

Small Business Loans

Fast cash without collateral. All credit considered.

Equipment Leasing

Funding of up to $500,000. New or used equipment can be financed to generate more cash flow.

Cash Flow Improvement

The knowledge, consulting, and products we offer can greatly improve your cash flow.

Equipment Vendor Financing

We can work at getting your customers financed increasing your sales and profits.

Store/Facility Upgrades

Spruce up your operation with new fixtures, lighting, re-imaging, or remodeling. Image is everything!

Business Cash Advance

Checkout how your credit card business can do more for you. Use a Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) or receivables factoring to improve cash flow.

Who We Are

Who are we

Phalanx Holdings helps businesses that are short on cash, have weak or even poor credit, or who have good credit but want greater financial flexibility.  We work with banks to help you build a relationship or we can help provide guidance for your existing bank.  Phalanx holdings provides equipment leasing/finance, working capital loans, receivables financing, and strategic consulting.  We puts the focus on your needs and what works best for your business.

Everything Phalanx does is centered around helping you make the best decisions.

Knowledge, consulting, and products.  This combination gives you the tools to improve your efficiency, sales, cash flow, and bottom line.  Phalanx Holdings works with you to find the best solution to your financing needs.  Some managers think financing is secondary to producing sales.  What they are missing is that the proper financing for your business and the ability to provide your customers with financing options are huge steps in creating more sales.

Our Services

Phalanx Holdings works with vendors to get our customers the equipment they need.  Whether you are leasing, financing, or need a working capital loan, we can help your business make it happen.

We also provides insight into Merchant Cash Advances and receivables factoring.  We even have lendors for commercial real estate.

Phalanx helps a variety of businesses, here are our primary services:

Working Capital Loans

Working capital loans can help businesses run their day to day operations, help your business grow, allow you to purchase inventory, and provides a flexible financing solution.

Investor Real Estate Purchase and Rehab

Phalanx holdings is here to help when you want to purchase a property and manage a rehab of that property.

Business Purchase Lending

Securing funding for a business purchase can be difficult and we want you to use our expertise so you make an informed decision.

Receivables Factoring

If you have receivable accounts that you have recurring payments or future payments, you can leverage these payments to increase your immediate cash flow.

Business Lines of Credit

A business line of credit is flexible and provides simpler payoff options over a traditional business loan. It is similar to how a credit card works and can be a great option to get quick financing.

Equipment Leasing and Financing

There are a lot of options for renting or leasing along with the ability to purchase at the end of the terms.

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