Leisure Business Loans

Keeping up in the fitness/leisure industry is just for starters. There are always new products, machines, and methods you must stay on top of. Short term working capital loans, merchant cash advances, or equipment finance/leasing can keep you a leader in the game. Funds for marketing, employee additions, or inventory are just a few ways to move your business forward. In acquiring financing the quality of your credit is very important but it is not the whole story. Phalanx Holdings gets your story to the lender and works for you to get the funds you need. Many people have credit problems but how they are conveyed to the lender is key. A simple application is just that….simple. Your story is more complex and needs a person to speak to another person to get it across. In the Phoenix market use Phalanx!

Marketing is key in any business. No marketing=no revenue. You may need funds for an advertising campaign, brochures, banners, to update your facility, or even signage. Phalanx can help secure those funds so you can keep the cash flowing.

Employees: Employees are the back bone of any business. Take care of them and results will be there, ignore them and the results will not! Short term financing can be used for part time or fulltime employees or even temporary workers for a busy season or promotion. Training needs can be met. Don’t think credit problems have to keep you away from growing your business.

Inventory make a business! Too much can be costly, too little and profits are missed. You run a tight ship but flexibility is key. When the right inventory is available you need funds to secure it. Phalanx can help with a short term working cap loan that fits your needs!