Need Financing to Buy a Franchise?

New franchisors have certain needs and financing a franchise can be tricky. The franchisor may have a lender but the covenants are too strict. New franchisors want someone dedicated to them. Franchisees have different needs.

Look at your options. Just because your credit may be weak don’t count yourself out. Phalanx can help with good credit with great rates or challenged credit where you pay more but at least you are able to invest, where and when you need to.

You have to meet certain standards with a franchise or multiple location enterprise. Being uniform is key. Equipment, facility, training all have to be top notch. Seasonality can make things tricky as can new standards that have to be acted upon. Phalanx can assist you in getting needed funds at very competitive rates so you can meet or exceed the franchisor’s standards and continue to operate and grow your business.

Alternative financing has dozens of products that can help give you an edge over your competition. Phalanx strives for giving you the edge by helping you choose the right financial products for your business. Your success is our success.

Making over a facility on the inside or the outside can be time consuming and costly. Plans and drawings have to be made and paid for and attention to detail is key. Phalanx can save you time by handling the financial end so you can focus on the facility makeover. We can present you alternative financing options and you can choose what’s best for you! No need to tie up your time with lenders that aren’t serious about you and your business!