Food Trucks

Food Truck Financing: How to Qualify for a Loan

You want in on one of the hottest food trends in America. You need cash flow ‘cause cash is king! Questions like what about financing for food trucks, leasing a food truck, should I buy a food truck, what about used food trucks, what restaurant equipment do I need, what if I have little or poor credit, what about an information management system for my restaurant, and don’t’ forget point of sale. Where do I start? You start with someone who knows lending and has a focus on your business. You start with Phalanx. Arm yourself with people that know alternative financing!

Lenders are everywhere. Banks, credit unions, money managers..all of whom have a focus on their business….not yours. However, for specific industries it is in your best interest to have a lender that knows credit, both good and bad. A lender that wants to hear your story and background. A lender that just doesn’t do what the computer says. They are out there but they feel comfortable with specific and not necessarily all industries. Many will think your business just a passing fad and not take you seriously. Be taken seriously, contact Phalanx.


Poor or weak credit is not the end of your career or enterprise. Certain lenders want to know the story behind your situation. Credit scores are important, but you and your ideas and plans, are more important. Phalanx makes a profession of matching the right lender to a specific need. Phalanx saves business operators time in Phoenix and all of Arizona. This time enables you to concentrate on what your business needs, you!