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Industrial Laser: Finance a laser, Lease a laser, Used lasers. Printing equipment.

Production in a shop is key. No production means no cash flow. Increasing production is a big financial decision. Spend too much and you have trouble with the monthly payment. Spend too little and you have equipment that depreciates quickly and is tough to trade in.

Alternative financing from leasing to flex payments gives you and your business the ability to always have the output you need. Production equipment in all businesses changes quickly. Think of using equipment for 3-5 years and having the option of buying it at the end or simple having the finance company take it back and help you finance something new. You are always current or perhaps the old machine can still help production and you can buy it for a set amount.

Flexibility in any operation is key. We all want to avoid huge fixed costs so we can keep overhead realistic and manageable. Some say I make these lease payments and don’t own anything. Great management says why own a depreciating asset? You want to own assets that appreciate! The financing that Phalanx can provide keeps your options open. Phalanx even offers plans that give you the ability to borrow more than what the equipment cost to increase your cash flow. For example: the equipment cost is $20,000 and, if you qualify, you can borrow $22,000. Alternative financing from Phalanx helps you decide on just what you need and how long you need it for. Contact Phalanx today!