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Alternative Financing, cash flow improvement, cash flow products (services),, simple language as to what we do. Remember who we are speaking to. PLAIN, SIMPLE, UNDERSTANDABLE. We have products/deals for everyone and must make this clear.

The world of alternative finance is huge. From leasing, borrowing, Merchant Cash Advances, or receivables factoring the selection of products is wide. Phalanx’s role is to help the business owner move forward by providing financing for the businesses customers or financing for the business itself. A proven fact is that businesses that provide financing increase their sales which increase profits and customer satisfaction. A vendor that provides financing has a customer base that understands there are various ways to make the deal happen. Telling customers to find their own financing without a recommendation can cost a firm business. Arm yourself with financing from Phalanx!


Phalanx works with weak or strong credit and everything in between. A, B, C, or D we have lenders interested in all of them. Try working with us and see! Don’t let a bad situation from the past hold your business back. Phalanx can help with credit scores as low as 500, some even lower.

Customers with good credit enjoy flexible terms, good rates, and quick funding!

Need funds in Phoenix contact Phalanx!